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A Hush Icon Battle
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A textless anime, manga, and videogame centric icon challenge!
Textless Battle almost works like LIMS, but without any eliminations and negative points. All textless animanga and video games icons are allowed. There's total 10 rounds in one battle, and the winner will be the one who gets the most points throughout the 10 rounds. This community is inspired by most of the icon battle community.

1. Each members will sign-up at the beginning of the round with their character of choice from any video games or animanga as their identity, and they are asked not to reveal their identity until the round is over.
2. Members are asked not to show or to post their submission icons before the battle is over.
3. Submitted icons must fit LJ standards (40 kb, 100x100 pixels, .jpg, .gif, or .png format).
4. Members may only use official images. No fanarts, doujinshi, cosplay pictures are allowed.
5. Remember this is a textless battle, text and tiny text are not allowed.
6. All participants will be provided one skip. However, if you promote us in the beginning of the battle, you will gain one extra skip. More info will be provided in each sign-up posts.
7. If you don't have any more skips and you don't submit an icon by that time, you'll be defaulted.

There are a few way to earn points in this community:
1. You get the number of points based on the number of voting your icon get and the points based on the special category your icon get
2. Voting will earn you one extra point
3. People's choice will earn you three extra points

Please use the following format to submit

Identity: (The character you are signed-up as)
Character/Series: (The character and the series in your icon from)

1. Each voter will be asked to vote for 3 favourite icons, 2 least favourite icons, and 1 icon for special category (which will be mentioned in the voting post)
2. Order of the votes for the three favourite icons does not matter, they each will gain one point. Least favourite icon will get minus one point, and special category will earn you one point.
3. Please provide the reason why you vote for those icon. Crits for favourite icons is optional but highly encouraged. As for the least favourite icons, you have to include the crits. (Harsh criticism and bashing will not be tolerated. You will be given a warning the first time and if you do it again, you will be banned.)